E-procurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the businessto-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning.

Asset Management

There is no room for error when you need a precise picture of your company’s physical assets. Knowing exactly what assets you currently have, where these assets are located and how these assets are changing over time, allows a company to keep track of details of each fixed asset, ensuring control and preventing misappropriation of assets.

Document Archiving

If a document is no longer in active use, but you need to keep it for reference or compliance purposes, it can be archived. Traditionally document archiving meant shipping documents away to be stored in a warehouse. Luckily, digital archiving means it’s now easy to store documents safely and securely. What is Document Archiving?